Pay Per View: The Consequence


The Consequence: Dave a struggling farmer from a poverty town of Haiti suddenly becoming a single father believes his wife death was the reason of a voodoo priest. Giving an opportunity to escape into the US, but however from the moment arrived trouble seemed to follow. this picture depict an immigrant man faced with no options is a dangerous one.

Genres:  Action, Drama
Director:  Wanly Florexile
Writer:  Wanly Florexile
Original Music:  Futuristiclingo (100k) Leek Wynder, Suicide Inf
Runtime:  1h 49m
Release Date:  January 2019

Cast:  St Louis Armand – Ericka Caine – Jocelyne Clerge – Sean DeRose – Timothy DuWhite – James Eustache – Emilson st Felix – Mikel Florexile – Wanly Florexile – Janelle Glenn – Jackkrose – Carlito Joseph – Junior Joseph – Saul Joseph – Geraldine Lalanne

The Consequence
Pay Per View: The Consequence
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