Pay Per View: Love is Blind Series Episode 01


LOVE IS BLIND web series to show the Love between a teenage African American kid (Haitian) and a Pakistani girl in Love.
Parents from both sides appose the idea which constantly creates drama as well as their neighborhood whose also against cultural bond.
Its a cultural clash with lots of drama. Season 1 – 8 Episodes.

Episode 01 – The Setup

In an American city called Brooklyn, a diverse neighborhood filled with the criminally rich and unfortunate poor, a love struck teenage couple from two opposing cultures hold on to their romance admits to their urban surrounding with drug lords,extorting,pimps,jealousy and corruption.

Genres: Action
Director: Wanly Florexile
Writer: Wanly Florexile
Runtime: 22 min
Release Date: 2015

Cast: Jahmel Charles – Jonathan Duran – Wanly Florexile – John T. Reardon – Rodney Yates – Arshia Zenab – Kiara Zonae

Love is Blind the Series S1E1
Pay Per View: Love is Blind Series Episode 01
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